In parallel to IT & AV Consultancy I am also involved in aviation related activities, as technologies in aircraft move toward electronic systems I have been merging the IT and aviation streams together to offer assistance with various aspects of technology overlap such as Glass Cockpits, software updates, and some ad-hoc investigation into issues between the modern and older technologies.

I hold a current Private Pilot Licence (Helicopters) but also fly with owners of fixed wing aircraft when time permits.  I am also a member of the UK Civil Air Patrol assisting the Local Resilience Forums and emergency services with aerial photography, search and recovery, and associated activities acting as both a pilot and observer.

To solve a problem a fellow pilot was having trying to charge USB devices in the air, I have developed a pair of USB chargers suitable for use within the General Aviation / Light Aviation areas and have been formally tested for installation into EASA registered aircraft,  or anywhere where there is a suitable 10v-30v DC supply.  The units are called Charge2 and Charge4 and details can be found here.

Rather than rely on low quality plug in USB chargers, the units are a step forward to safe and reliable USB charging in the air.

This page will be updated as and when the more specific aviation services become a more structured offering.  In the meantime pleas feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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