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Do you have lip sync issues in an Pro AV installation, home theatre, or post production installation?

Having been in a position to know there is a lip sync problem, which adding an audio delay will solve (as is the case in virtually all situations where there is an issue), the question is how to measure the delay to make the correction without lots wasted time doing a trial an error adjustments which are not going to be truly accurate anyway.  

People can generally perceive an error when the audio leads the video by 15ms - 25ms. Oddly if the audio lags the video this goes up to around 80ms, probably because it’s more natural to have images arrive before the sound, for example speaking to someone across a room means you see them talking before you hear them.  Trying to adjust or check any system manually is always prone to error, as it relies on the subjective view of the person doing the testing. 

Unable to find an affordable product to cater for all my requirements I decided to develop one in-house.  After successfully using a version within numerous projects, combined with some curious questions from people wondering what was going on, a decision was made to make Sync-One2 available to others.

Additional features were added by request to include those needed for post production / video editing to create a single hand held product which is easy to use and affordable.  

Sync-One2 is in use around the world and has become the reference tool of choice in a variety of solutions, including manufactures of equipment who deploy Sync-One2 to verify hardware and software designs before going to market.

Further details can be found on the Sync-One2 website.


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