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Looking to charge USB devices on your lectern?

Following the development of the Charge2 USB chargers for light aircraft they are now being deployed within AV systems.  

As more and more mobile devices are used at AV lecterns, the universal device support within the Charge2 is appealing to AV installers to fit into lecterns to support them.  The ability to be powered from a low voltage supply, such as a spare port on an Extron PS 124 PSU, makes deployment easy.  The fault detection and isolation also offers enhanced protection for the installation too.

Pro Tools Expert use Sync-One2 as reference tool for measuring Sync

Mike Ainton, a Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer and BAFTA member has been reviewing an AJA T-Tap video monitoring box and was keen to measure it’s performance against much more expensive video hardware.  Specifically over it’s latency and sync performance.

Within his review Mike uses Sync-One2 as the reference tool to measure the performance of the various systems.  

You can read the review and see some video of Sync-One2 in action here.

More details of Sync-One2 are available from the

Sync-One2 given Editors Choice Award by Pro Tools Expert


The folks at Pro Tools Expert have had a Sync-One2 for review, which has been published today.  

The reviewer, Mike Ainton, a Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer and BAFTA member gave Sync-One2 an Editors Choice Award.

The review on the Pro Tools Expert website can be found here.

More details of Sync-One2 are available from the Sync-One2 website.

A year in the life of Sync-One2

Sync-One2 has been busy since it launched a year ago.  

Units have been shipped all over the world, from which I have a greater understanding of customs paperwork, export rules, and trade tariffs than I ever thought I would need.  

 The units have been hard at work helping their users in a wide variety of environments, some of the ones we know about are;

Pro AV Installation,  Product Development & Research,  Broadcast TV,  Filming,  Post Production facilities,  Home Cinema calibration,  Cable TV companies,  Media Centre development & installation.

ISE 2015

All booked up and ready for ISE 2015, should be a few interesting things to have a look at.

Be interesting to see the current state of the solid state projector market, DNP’s new screens, various companies take on HDBaseT kit (AMX, Crestron, Kramer, etc.), and a whole host of various smaller companies with products to solve those annoying problems encountered in AV projects.

Also on the agenda, how the AV players are handling the merging of IT into AV equipment.  Collaboration products also in need of a visit from the various players.

On-line stores for Harkwood Services products

In addition to consultancy, I have also developed some physical products to solve particular problems encountered when working on projects.  Given the interest in these items I have created dedicated sites for them.  

New to these sites is that the products can be bought via an on-line store, full details are available on the websites; and

Sync-One2 now available

I am please to say that Sync-One2 is now available for purchase.  So if you have problems with lip-sync or need to ensure a system, which can be a home cinema or professional AV installation, head over to for more details.

If you would be interested in distributing or reselling Sync-One2, please get in touch for details of discounts available.

Lip Sync Issues - update

I am pleased to announce that Sync-One2 will be available shortly, a link to the product page is given here.  This is an affordable hand held designed to help with AV synchronisation, or lip-sync, errors for use in home cinema, professional audio visual, and post production/video editing environments.

Lip Sync issues?

Do you have lip sync issues in an AV installation or home theatre installation?  Welcome to the world of digital transmission for video and audio, specifically if the audio is split from the video for processing.  Such as in a Lecture Theatre, Home Cinema, or even during post production video editing.

Having been in a position to know there is a lip sync problem, which adding an audio delay will solve (as is the case in virtually all situations where there is an issue), the questions is how to measure the delay to make the correction without lots of trial an error.  …

Recent show updates

I’ve managed to get to a couple of decent trade shows of late, managing both ISE and the BETT shows.  There is far too much there to write up, but a couple of themes were evident this year.

Both shows have started to raise the profile of IT / AV integration, as systems become more complex they become more akin to complex IT solutions.  As such they need networking and hardening to protect them from the normal dangers which the IT world is exposed to.  As WiFi becomes ever more used for some of the collaborative solutions, issues over bandwidth management become a problem often brushed under the carpet by some suppliers.  …

Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) Cable, don't go there

What on earth is CCA cable?  Well, for quite a while now there have been two types of UTP & STP cable around, the first is “normal” cable made from 4 pairs of solid copper wire.  The second is “cheaper” as it is actually 4 pairs with each wire being an aluminum core surrounded by a copper skin.  The cable is therefore called, and should be labeled as, Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA).

CCA Cable is cheaper, hardly surprising given the price of copper, so that must be a good thing for the user, so what’s the problem?

InAVate magazine feature on lecture theatre control systems

A little while ago I had an approach from InAVate magazine over an article they were writing, relating to AV control systems in an educational environment.  Time ticked by and the article was published in the July/August edition of the magazine under the heading of Class Control.

Interesting article, as quite a number are within InAVate generally, worth dipping into from time to time if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription.

In case you missed it, you can click here for a link to the July/August 2012 digital edition of the magazine

When is a Surge Protector not a Surge Protector?

This may seem an odd subject but is worthy of note.  Many installations are fitted with surge protection devices, either integral to a power strip or a feeder plug to a rack.  These devices will have a handy indication that your equipment is protected and all is well in the world, but how many people go and look at this light post installation?

The reason to check is because of the way nearly all surge protection devices are made.  Within the strip/adapter is a small device called a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), this cheap component is what gives the protection, when a transient arrives down the power line it dumps the excess voltage.  …

When will Architects understand the needs of IT & AV?

I have lost count of the numbers of times I have worked through building plans to discover a totally inadequate (or non-existent) space for the backend network and AV equipment.  Even the very long standing basic rules over cable distances seem to pass by without a second thought.

The same is true for control spaces, a back control room for a large lecture theatre for example.  Naturally, anyone helping out (or running the show) in a control room would actually like to be able to see into the lecture theatre, so please don’t put the control room down the corridor.  …

Looking forward to ISE2012

With just over two weeks to go until the Integrated Systems Europe trade show in Amsterdam, the list of companies and people to visit is growing.  Whilst getting to know what is available now is important, with new build projects running over long periods of time and the fast pace in the development of AV systems, being able to peek into companies future plans is essential.

It will be interesting to see if the promising HDBaseT specification is taking hold, which could help reduce the need for some of wiring needed in new builds and also solve a number of issues which can torment HDMI based installations.  …

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