A year in the life of Sync-One2

Sync-One2 has been busy since it launched a year ago.  

Units have been shipped all over the world, from which I have a greater understanding of customs paperwork, export rules, and trade tariffs than I ever thought I would need.  

 The units have been hard at work helping their users in a wide variety of environments, some of the ones we know about are;

Pro AV Installation,  Product Development & Research,  Broadcast TV,  Filming,  Post Production facilities,  Home Cinema calibration,  Cable TV companies,  Media Centre development & installation.

Following feedback from the Post Production environment one minor software update was made, to enhance the resolution of the displayed error from 1/10th of a frame to 1/100th of a frame - those guys really work hard to ensure your films and TV are spot on when it leaves their facilities.

A bespoke unit was also made for testing Video Conference solutions, with additional data logging output to a piece of software to record results for hours at a time.  A companion hardware synchronised beep-flash generator was also developed along side the bespoke Sync-One2 for the company.

We also have some resellers in Austria and the USA, with some interest from other areas around the world too.

Looking forward to what the future brings for Sync-One2…

More details are available from the Sync-One2 website.

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