When will Architects understand the needs of IT & AV?

I have lost count of the numbers of times I have worked through building plans to discover a totally inadequate (or non-existent) space for the backend network and AV equipment.  Even the very long standing basic rules over cable distances seem to pass by without a second thought.

The same is true for control spaces, a back control room for a large lecture theatre for example.  Naturally, anyone helping out (or running the show) in a control room would actually like to be able to see into the lecture theatre, so please don’t put the control room down the corridor.  There will no doubt be a PC and a phone, quite possibly also the audio amps, video and audio matrix switches and processors, connection points, media players, and control systems to name a few items.  These take space, so a broom cupboard will not be suitable.

Whilst every build and client requirement is different, there will always be a requirement for some basic infrastructure.  Please spare a thought for the IT and AV requirements, this isn’t ‘wasted space’ and will be needed if the users want their building to work the way they envisage.

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