Lip Sync issues?

Do you have lip sync issues in an AV installation or home theatre installation?  Welcome to the world of digital transmission for video and audio, specifically if the audio is split from the video for processing.  Such as in a Lecture Theatre, Home Cinema, or even during post production video editing.

Having been in a position to know there is a lip sync problem, which adding an audio delay will solve (as is the case in virtually all situations where there is an issue), the questions is how to measure the delay to make the correction without lots of trial an error.  To that end I did some research to find an affordable product to help me achieve this, without a great deal of success.  Oh yes, I found some things out there, but none did quite what I wanted and all were just too expensive.  Lugging around a 2 channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope and a box of sensors is fine, but not exactly a handy alternative that can slip into my laptop bag.  So this left me one real avenue to get what I needed, develop and make one for myself.

I now have a handheld unit which I have been using a little while when testing installations, which I hope to have available for sale early in 2014, at a fraction of the cost of the products I discovered during my research.  It has saved me hours in checking installations for correct synchronisation, so once all the regulatory side it squared off over the next few weeks I will put up a link to the units website.  With luck others will find it a useful tool too.  If you would like details ahead of time, drop me a line though my contact page.

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