Looking to charge USB devices on your lectern?


Following the development of the Charge2 USB chargers for light aircraft they are now being deployed within AV systems.  

As more and more mobile devices are used at AV lecterns, the universal device support within the Charge2 is appealing to AV installers to fit into lecterns to support them.  The ability to be powered from a low voltage supply, such as a spare port on an Extron PS 124 PSU, makes deployment easy.  The fault detection and isolation also offers enhanced protection for the installation too.

The low EMI emissions from a Charge2 also prevent interference into surrounding audio and video wiring which is also an added bonus.

Given the interest we are looking at a modified Charge2 for this environment, using connectors more generally found within the AV environment - if you would be interested in this please do get in touch.

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